WWDC 2019 Predictions

This year’s Apple WWDC keynote will be allegedly focused on “Marzipan” and new iPad functionalities of iOS 13. Here are a few predictions that do not concern any of these.

  1. Apple will tease the new Mac Pro and it will contain at least one user accessible ARM CPU. This will be usable for tasks like machine learning and iOS development.
  2. Apple will not introduce a new MacBook Pro format. Otherwise they would Osbourne the latest crop of 15” MBPs.
  3. HomePod will get multiple user functionality through voice recognition. Siri can already train on various voices and it seems to be working okay.
  4. iOS 13 will be compatible with A9 and upwards. It might be even A10 but I doubt it. If it is A10, I would expect a feature that requires big.LITTLE CPU, like fewer restrictions for backgrounded apps.

As a side note, I hope Apple will not make the iTunes successor too simple. I wish it would retain support for iTunes Store, iTunes Match and local music, all of which are of great importance.