Make more beautiful

A bit of googling shows that the old version of the will not work in Mavericks. But luckily one quickly finds out that the Resources folder is quite resourceful.

Namely there are two files that are interesting:

In /Applications/ there is a file named paper.tiff which looks like this:

Yup, this is the ugly texture under the text. Small change to it and we have something looking like a post-it already. Now, this method is not new and plenty has been written about it.

The other change is to change the default fonts, once again in /Applications/ there is a file called DefaultFonts.plist and it is quite straightforward. I am a huge fan of TektonPro for notes so I put in


And ’lo my new look:

Updated look of

I’ve made a quick mod to patch the files. You can grab it here:

Mod for v1