Ultimate student food - Tomato Bacon Pasta

This time I will share a recipe to what is probably the first thing I have cooked and required more tools than a can opener.

This meal is dead simple and the greatest thing is that you can cook it without even having any precious condiments, such as salt or oil (but it helps).


Here are the ingredients you will need. As it is designed to be cheap, there are very few of them. If you live in France you may notice that everything comes from Intermarché’s store brands.


  1. Smoked bacon
  2. Emmental cheese
  3. Half an onion
  4. Tomato sauce (thick)
  5. Pasta
  6. Bonus: salt and oil


Dice the onions.

For the sauce put some oil (if you have any) to a frying pan, heat it and then add onions. Stir until they are somewhat cooked (become glass-like). If you are cooking without oil keep an eye on them and stir a lot so you do not burn them.

Once the onions are good add the bacon. Stir until it becomes opaque. At this point the bacon will probably release quite a lot of juicy grease. Depending on how fat you are and want to be you can throw some of the grease away.

After this add a can of the tomato puree. Pro tip: in order to not lose the precious sauce, pour water into the can and stir. Then pour the tomatoey water into your sauce, it will make it more smooth.

Cook the pasta.

Nota-bene on cooking pasta (skip if you know how to do it)

For one person use about this much spaghetti:


Step by step guide to edible pasta:

  1. Boil water
  2. Put salt to water if you want salted pasta, serves no other purpose
  3. Put pasta into boiling water
  4. Wait as many minutes as written on the package and then one more
  5. If the water spills out of the pan give zero fucks
  6. Get pasta out, serve immediately


Put the pasta on a plate, cover with cheese. Put the sauce on top.


If you are wondering why my torti from the photo magically transformed to spaghetti then know that I only had a new pack of torti in the kitchen. Also this works with any pasta, of course.