Fried noodles with pork

More food from my production. Tested, eaten and tasty. This food does not require much ingredients and should be pretty quick to prepare (if you are good at multitasking then about 20 minutes)


As always, we will have to do some shopping before cooking anything. Depending on what you already have you can get this for about 6€ for two doses. So go and get these:


  1. Some mushrooms
  2. Some shiitake mushrooms
  3. A piece of leek
  4. Half a carrot
  5. Half an onion
  6. Several slices of garlic
  7. Soy sauce
  8. Cornstarch
  9. Salt
  10. Black pepper
  11. Chinese noodles
  12. Pork (can be some other meat)

Preparation of ingredients

Before cooking comes washing and cutting

  • Wash the mushrooms and cut them into quarters or similar
  • Cut the shiitake mushrooms into slices (wash them too)
  • Cut the leek and carrots into long thin bars
  • Cut the onion into dices
  • Crush one piece of garlic and cut the rest into small pieces
  • Cut the meat into french-fries like pieces (salt it)
    • Dip the meat in soy sauce and wrap it in cornstarch

sliced-ingredients dipped-meat


First stage

First we will cook the mushrooms. Put the crushed piece of garlic into salted water (not much just enough to have the mushrooms covered) and make it boil. Then add mushrooms (both) and cook for about three minutes.


At the same time put some oil onto a frying pan, heat it and add sliced garlic. When it turns brownish add the meat and fry it for a while. Add pepper. When the crust from cornstarch appears add mushrooms and some water (use the mushroomy water). After a while add carrots and leek. Cook for several minutes stirring all the time. Add some more water from mushrooms from time to time. At the same time (this is when multitasking comes handy) make the noodles (for cooking method refer to the package)

Second stage

Put some oil into a wok and add onions. Put noodles into the wok add soy sauce and fry them for a while (mix them well). After a while add the meat and some more water. Cook for several minutes.

cooking-meat-1 cooking-meat-2 cooking-meat-3

Final stage


Suggestion of presentation: