Moving to static website

So I have jumped on the bandwagon and decided to generate my website statically1. For you, it basically means that the site will be a lot faster. For me, I can finally write stuff in markdown only and not worry that some web-editor will butcher it.

Also, the search field has disappeared, but I am looking for a different option. Either Google custom search or Bing. I will see.


  1. I am using the Middleman with a modified Bones theme [return]

New look

Update to a newer theme is now complete. Fonts should be nicer and faster on Apple hardware or anywhere with Helvetica Neue and Avenir installed. I have removed the web fonts as they were slowing down the site for no reason.

The mobile theme now works with Disqus. I have not figured out why it did not work in the previous one.

Code snippets are handled by highlight.js instead of the Syntax Highlighter. Code snippets also fit into their pre-defined frames and bounce on touch devices.

The “big” news is addition of my Instagram profile to the sidebar. Please go take a look, I promise not to post photos of my face or shoes. Cannot guarantee the amount of food pictures though.

I have several articles in the pipes. I will try to post more often.


It is 2014 and the old theme was derived from an old TwenyTen Wordpress theme. Time has come to update it to more modern technology and fix a nasty bug where Disqus would not load the mobile version on phones.

See you soon.

Make more beautiful

A bit of googling shows that the old version of the will not work in Mavericks. But luckily one quickly finds out that the Resources folder is quite resourceful.

Namely there are two files that are interesting:

In /Applications/ there is a file named paper.tiff which looks like this:

Yup, this is the ugly texture under the text. Small change to it and we have something looking like a post-it already. Now, this method is not new and plenty has been written about it.

The other change is to change the default fonts, once again in /Applications/ there is a file called DefaultFonts.plist and it is quite straightforward. I am a huge fan of TektonPro for notes so I put in


And ‘lo my new look:

Updated look of

I’ve made a quick mod to patch the files. You can grab it here:

Mod for v1

iPhone : Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications

It seems that this message is randomly appearing for quite some people. It did for me when I updated to the iOS 7.0.3.

There are several solutions available on the internet including:

Backup to iTunes Do factory reset Restore from Backup Re-install applications from appstore

Although this will probably work for everybody it is not the best of the solutions.

For me disabling iCloud Keychain was sufficient, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Restore iA Writer's background with this script [Update]

This is a very quick and dirty utility to restore iA Writer’s background to the pre–1.3.1 state. What it does is that it replaces these three images inside the iA Writer folder: backgroundPattern, tr-up-pattern and td-down-pattern.

The original solution was posted in this thread on the support forum.

Background fix for iA Writer 1.5

To use this script simply unzip the file wherever you like. Once it is done run the script like this in the terminal (it will be ran as root, you will have to enter your password)

sudo sh

Updated to work with iA Writer 1.5 on 2013-10-10


This post was originally posted on 2012-10-24

If you want to sell iPhones, colors matter

So I was looking around during the big launch day and stumbled upon some terrible terrible promotion material.

Wrong settings in Photoshop, maybe?


Left image is by Apple, right image is used in the Bouygues store. Sizes are original.

What is wrong with ebook prices

After the whole dung-storm about price fixing of ebooks at Apple I wanted to add my own rant.

When digital music came out CD publishers were unhappy; why? Because digital download prices were much lower that CD prices, people did not have to lift their ass of their couch and had the music right away.

What do we get with digital downloaded books? This:

Screenshot from Amazon book pricing

First to clarify: the book currently runs a $10 discount on the paperback edition, normally it sells for $29.99. Regardless though, how is it more convenient to get the book for more in digital format than a physical copy? No matter the shipping cost you still save money on getting a hardcover. And let us not even mention the used book for $0.01…

Note: Apple does not sell this book as an iBook, the book in question is The inmates are running the asylum by Alan Cooper