Eventail 2.2

After two months of coding I am pleased to announce a new version of Eventail.

This release brings some new features and a lot of polish into the settings screen.

Eventail Screenshots

The app now has some more personality, the preview is more prominent and looks like a preview too!


iPhone X users will be, hopefully, delighted by the new Black theme, which gives you a pure black background.

Black Theme

There are some good news for people who organize their life by colors too. A new Vivid color scheme puts accent on the calendar color and makes it easy to navigate through the day if you do a lot of context switching.

Black Theme

Weekends can get their own color too! A subtle background color indicates where the week ends.

Black Theme


The events now have a bold-colored stripe on the left, to highlight the calendar they are in.

Event invitations have distinct icons, it is easy to distinguish between invitations and own events; and also to see the RSVP status at a glance.

New Day View Icons

And more

I have squashed a number of bugs, and worked on the pestering memory issues. In most cases the widget should no longer fail to load, and the troubleshooting options will resolve the rest.

Without further ado, find Eventail on the App Store